Honoring Lieutenant Collins Day of Service

A day dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Richard Collins III. Every action today is a tribute to his legacy, reminding us that meaningful change is long overdue. Volunteers from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together, echoing the words, “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” The day is about exceeding our current capacities to achieve something greater, and the turnout is nothing short of beautiful.

Hear touching testimonials from attendees, including individuals from Bowie State and the local community. The seamless partnership, genuine synergy, and shared commitment to giving back are evident throughout the day. As volunteers engage in various projects, they share their experiences and the valuable lessons learned. From teamwork and communication skills to new agricultural insights, this day is not just about service; it’s about personal growth and connection.

The impact is felt deeply as volunteers work towards creating a space to grow more vegetables, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. The spirit of service resonates, making the day a memorable and wholesome experience for everyone involved. Thank you to all the volunteers who stood together to honor Lieutenant Richard Collins III, symbolizing unity, patriotism, and the collective spirit of America. This is a day that celebrates the power of community service and the enduring legacy of a beloved bulldog. 

AI & Anti Black Racism Panel

Experts in the field shed light on the challenges of addressing bias in AI. From the development of algorithms to the data input and the power dynamics at play, this conversation explores the complexities of combating bias in technology.

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