EP 5: Conversations Over Crab Legs: Dive into Chernisse Butcher's Journey

Episode 5 of The Breakdown with Taylor Brown features Chernisse Butcher in a delicious and insightful conversation. Grab some virtual crab legs (or your favorite snack) and dive into these key points:

  • Travel Experiences: Chernisse shares adventures from Maryland’s crab shacks to the vibrant energy of Costa Rica.
  • Career Crossroads: Hear about her career transitions and how she embraced new beginnings.
  • Life Lessons Learned: Chernisse reflects on profound lessons gleaned from the ups and downs of life’s journey.
  • Self-Care Essentials: Explore the importance of practices like yoga and skincare for your well-being.
  • Humor, Curiosity & Connection: Chernisse’s engaging personality invites listeners to explore life’s stories and celebrate human connection.

This episode promises a mix of humor, reflection, and inspiration. Join Chernisse as she cracks open crab legs, life lessons, and the importance of self-care!

EP 4: Jordan Brown’s Path to Journalism

In this episode, Taylor talks with her sister Jordan, a journalism student, about her journey from basketball player to storyteller, reflecting on pivotal moments, sports photography, and offering advice for journalists and those finding their paths.

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EP 3: Building Communities and Inspiring Stories: A Conversation with Chris Campagna

In this episode, former professional basketball player Asia Logan shares her inspiring journey from playing professional basketball overseas to becoming a police officer. She shares her transition into law enforcement and the valuable lessons learned along the way. From early childhood memories of shooting hoops with her dad to dominating on the court in college and abroad, Asia’s story is one of resilience, determination, and a passion for helping others.

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