Can’t Stop Now

As I reflect on my 28th birthday, I wrote this song called, 'Can't Stop Now.'

As I reflect on my 28th birthday, I wrote this song called, ‘Can’t Stop Now.’ This song expresses where I from and my journey up to 28 years. Most importantly, the scenario when my Dad had a heart attack in front of me. By the grace of God, he survived and is in the recovering process. 

But this is why I wrote, ‘Can’t Stop Now.’ My dream is to play in the WNBA and I just can’t let that dream go. Can’t Stop Now is also a metaphor showing the correlation of my Dad surviving a heart attack meaning that no matter how hard things can be we can’t stop now because God said so.  

Lastly, thanks to BiteMind StudiosABF JonkopingNaati Prod and Honst for making my 28th birthday a great one. 

Here is a behind the scenes video of me recording my song in the studio at BiteMind Studios. Take a listen or two and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, thanks to Honst and choosing me to be a model for 2020-2021 Asecs Mall Magazine! Above and below are a few pictures of my amazing photoshoot by Ellinor Hellberg. 

Here is the behind the scenes footage of my latest song called, ‘Can’t Stop Now.’



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